Don’t say fuck or bugger…

Being summoned by Big Brother at 9.30 on a Sunday morning cannot bode well for any of the housemates. But after clearly breaking the rules on discussing nominations, Dogface and Siavash were ordered to the Diary Room to face their punishment.

Giving them a few minutes to settle into the Chair, Big Brother detailed their rule breaking before announcing: “Today you must be punished!”

Dogface and Siavash couldn’t help but try to question Big Brother, but they were stopped dead. “This is not a discussion,” said Big Brother sounding a little peeved. “In order to avoid facing the public vote automatically, you both must not swear until 3pm today Big Brother deems the following words to be swear words,” Big Brother added before turning the air in the Diary Room blue with a lift of words that would make a squaddie blush.

Big Brother 10 - Contestants Enter The House

“****, ****, ****, or *****, ********, *****, *******, ****, or ******, ************, any derivative of ****, ******, or *******, ****, ****, ****, *****, ****, *****************, ********, ********, or any derivative thereof. *******, ****, ****, ****** off, or any derivative thereof, ****, ***, or ******!”

“If you say any word that is on that list, you will automatically face eviction on Friday,” said Big Brother.

Big Brother 10 - Contestants Enter The House

“If you communicate anything about this punishment to your fellow housemates, you will also automatically face eviction. You are not permitted to go to bed, or sleep. Your punishment begins from the moment you leave the Diary Room.”

Wow, it’s a tough call can they manage it?