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Not since Eminem agreed to let Bruno teabag him at the MTV Movie
Awards (in the same month as his comeback album was released) has someone in the music world come up with such a stroke of genius – an album that you can pay what you want for, if anything!
Well the legendary Wheatus have done just that.

We’ve been looking forward to Volume 1 of the wonderfully titled Pop, Songs & Death EP for a long time now and we can definitely say it was worth the wait. The Lightning EP is the first of many in the series promised by Wheatus. The six songs were all recorded live in their home recording studio using Sonoma DSD, the highest quality audio available. Impressively it was made without any outside engineers or producers. Can it get better? Yes it can, if you head over to you can download the EP for free! Yes free! For a small donation you will be rewarded with bonus tracks too. This is great because you can download the EP for free and if you love it (which, come on, you will) then you can buy the bonus tracks too.
You can expect Volume 2 sometime this winter. We can’t wait.
For a donation of $25 or more you can get all six tracks on an actual CD that you can touch, a DVD packed with a short documentary, music videos, live footage and more, two comic books to accompany Real Girl and From Listening To Lightning and best of all you will also get a one of a kind gift from the band especially for you – that’s worth $25 of anyone’s money!

Head over to to download now and click here to read our latest interview with Brendan.