It’s a bit awkward in that house…

We sat on the edge of our seats last night watching the events of Big Brother unfold. Did you feel awkward too? What a situation to be in! Poor Siavash.

There’s been a few mixed reactions about last night, but we loved how the group changed last night following Isaac’s arrival. Noirin mentioned that maybe she should speak to Siavash, but indeed didn’t til yesterday. A conversation occured between them both, and as we’ve seen on the BB site, it’s all a bit bitter.

“What has happened has happened. No grudges,” said Siavash quietly. “This is three times now Noirin. Three times you’ve ****** me over. Good luck. There’s not much to be said,” he added.

“I did say we were having fun and we were just friends,” said Noirin. “I’m sorry I’ve upset you.”

The discussion then continued where Noirin got a tad angry and said, “Everyone knows here who was the one chasing me, so don’t ******* act like I’m the one,” she spat at him. “You’re making out that I should leave because everyone hates me.”

“Noirin, what people think of you has got nothing to do with me,” replied Siavash coolly.

Well, it’s certainly caused a few problems, and that’s what BB bosses wanted! We love the fact that Siavash is acting calm, but it’s obvious it’s affected him.

Tonight either Noirin or Marcus will leave… who do you want to go now after all this?