Kris Dumps Dogface!

Kris Donnelly dumped Big Brother girlfriend Sophie Reade after being booted from the house saying his feelings for her had changed.

A distraught Sophie has been in floods of tears, saying she wants to leave the house to be reunited with ladies man Kris, she’s going to be let down…

What could he possible say to make things even worse? How about claiming he was more likely to marry gay pal Charlie Drummond than poor Sophie?

Big Brother 10 - Contestants Enter The HouseBig Brother 10 - Contestants Enter The House

The 24-year-old model told the Daily Star Sunday: “I liked Sophie… but it is quite different now I’m out of the house.”
Kris also poured scorn on their romance, saying they had nothing in common.
He said: “We hang around in different circles so we would never have even met in the outside.”
He added: “Me and Charlie are getting married anyway! He was my best mate in the house.”

Last night Sophie’s fuming mum Helen said she was glad he was no longer in the house with her daughter.
She said: “She’s young and she’s naive. He manipulated her – he’s clever, but he’s a manipulator. He’s no good!”
Her reaction came after Kris also told the Daily Star Sunday he didn’t bed the beauty because he was scared what his mum would say.

We’re going off you Kris…