Nikki’s back!

As we reported the other day, Nikki Grahame went back into the house today for a task with Karly. They both took part in a silent disco task, but Nikki didn’t keeo her mouth shut.

She went on to tell Karly some truths about her housemates. “I can’t stand Marcus, he’s so pervy” she said. “He actually thinks he’s the most gorgeous man ever.”

“I can’t understand why he’s lasted this long. Someone needs to cut his hair when he’s asleep. Why hasn’t anyone said anything to him about being so hairy? If he was nice it wouldn’t matter.”

“But he’s vulgar,” Karly said. “I’m glad someone agrees with me. Grotty pig.”

Glad they agree on something!

Then, starting the task Nikki said, “Last time I did this there were three songs and they just repeated and repeated”. However when the music started, she was surprised. “Oh no, it’s the same b***** songs!”

You can catch all of this on tomorrow night’s show!