No Sex In The City…

Oh break our hearts why don’t you SJP!

Sex And The City star (and to be honest Flecking role model) Carrie Bradshaw may be the queen of cool but Sarah Jessica Parker who plays her has said she is nothing like Carrie. Apparently she doesn’t agree with her raunchy antics – thank god she doesn’t play Samantha!

SJP said: “If the audiences had known my true feelings about some of the sexual content in ‘Sex and the City’, they may have felt I wasn’t the right person to be in such a series.”

Sarah doesn’t even enjoy a cosmopolitan! “I just don’t drink, that’s part of the problem. I don’t like the taste of it and I don’t drink to relax. It has always been that way.”

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“I was thrilled that the others did the nude scenes so well and they looked great. But I have to deal with my own modesty.” Now we think about it, Carrie did always wear huge Bridget Jones style knickers!

We are eternally disappointed.