Rihanna in shock

According to Now magazine, Rihanna is “in shock” over Chris Brown’s latest apology video. In the video he claims that he was “truly, truly sorry” for assautling Rihanna back in February.

“She’s in total shock. It was like he gave her another blow, albeit one of a different kind,” a source claims. “All she knows is that it’s in the news again and that’s the one thing she didn’t want. She’s been trying to put it behind her and move on as fast as possible. In the video he says he’s apologised to Rihanna privately many times and that’s true. So, we’re questioning what this video is really for. It’s clearly something he’s done for his public image. It’s convenient that he’s waited until his new album’s coming out.”

To be honest, we’ve never liked the guy. Any man that can do that to a woman doesn’t deserve to have his say. Poor Rihanna…

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