Sarah Harding… actress?

It appears as though Sarah Harding from Girls Aloud wants to get into the acting. The singer has said that it’s not the end of the girlband but that they all want to do different things.

The singer said to Heat magazine, “It’s not fun when it feels like groundhog year. We’ve been on a treadmill for six years and need a break.”

“It’s very difficult when there are five of you trying to make decisions. Three might vote to do something that you don’t want to do, that can be frustrating.” Sarah insisted that she won’t be quitting music completely, but added, “Acting is good for me because I’ve always been called a drama queen.”

However with half the band doing different things (Cheryl on X Factor, rumours of Nadine’s solo career), we’re not sure if the girls will be together much longer. Nevertheless, we’ll be intruiged to see Sarah’s acting debut!

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