These A List celebs…

They just keep taking all the good looking men! After we reported the other day about Cameron Diaz having her fair share of Jude Law and Leonardo DiCaprio, we discovered that Jennifer Aniston and Gerald Butler are an apparent item! Although apparently Butler isn’t so sure.

The two of them are shooting a film together and Now magazine sources claim, “She’s been to his hotel room. They’ve also been spotted disappearing into Jen’s trailer together,” an insider told Now magazine. “Even though Brad’s giving his relationship with Angelina Jolie another chance, he’s clearly put out by Jen’s romance with Gerard. She knew Gerard’s reputation as a bit of a ladies’ man and wanted to take things slowly. The next time they went out, it was to dinner at The Tower Bar in LA a month later, but now that they’re in the same film, the romance has ignited. They even practise kissing scenes after the cameras have stopped rolling!”

Gerard on the other hand has been telling a different story, “That is just annoying. People say I’m always dating so and so, and sometimes it’s three people in one day,” he explained to People magazine. “I’m trying to make movies, work hard and do my best. Then this kind of thing happens and people start to associate me more with that. It gets ridiculous.”

Either way we think they make a great couple. Even if we are green with envy!

Jennifer Aniston rehearses a scene with Gerard Butler with a blue Cadillac and walking barefoot in Atlantic City, NJ