These MJ stories just don’t end…

The King of Pop only passed away a few weeks ago, and already there have been a mountain of stories in the press. Most of the weekend papers covered some fairly explicit stories, but this emerged today.

A biographer called Stacy Brown – who wrote the Michael Jackson biography The Man Behind The Mask – has said that the star had a long-term addiction to heroin “He was shooting heroin into his fingertips, toenails and chest. It was regularly discussed by those around him, he could die at any time,” Stacy told The People. “He was taking painkillers too but I don’t think he knew just how dangerous it was. There was nothing anyone could do – they felt it was like talking to a brick wall. They cared so deeply about him and feared he was destroying his life. Michael was deeply upset during the years of the child molestation allegations and took heroin. There were plenty of people who wanted to please him so they did the running. Michael would never have risked going out and picking up the drugs himself.”

If it’s true, then it’s very sad. We’re just waiting for yet another story… we’ll keep you posted!

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