Fur Toad bag by Rick Owens: Minking!

I never thought in a million years I’d turn down a handbag, well ladies (and possibly gents) this is one bag I wouldn’t be seen dead with.

£634 may not be very much for a designer bag, but I’m not entirely sure this one is worth it.

For that money you’ll get 100% mink fur in the form of one effin fugly bag: Fur Toad by Rick Owens.

Always wanted a bag that looks like a toad, but think toads are kinda gross? Don’t worry, some bright spark went out and killed some mink, ’cause that will make it far more attractive. Hmm.

The bag looks like the stuff of nightmares – I’m terrified of it.

A dead animal bag that actually looks like roadkill, if that doesn’t put you off I don’t know what will.

If you DO like the bag (you blooody weirdo!) then you can buy it here.