Poor Kerry…

Yesterday, Kerry got dropped from Iceland and now friends fear the worst. Shortly before this there was a news article in the News of the World claiming that Kerry was doing drugs again, and had video and picture evidence to prove it.

“For most of [the past four years], she has been a successful part of our advertising campaigns, but has also been through some tough times in her personal life,” Iceland said in a statement. “We have always stood by her, as an example of a normal person and mum who has experienced some of the modern day culture of fame, and how difficult it can be to deal with. However, following the most recent allegations, we feel it is impossible for Kerry to continue to work with us as one of the faces of Iceland advertising.”

Friends of Kerry have now told The Mirror that they are worried about her financial situation, “This was really her only big pay packet. She is already bankrupt and this is the worst thing that could have happened to her,” an insider said. “You have to ask how Kerry will ever get a big deal like this again.”

On top of all of this, her ex-husband Brian McFadden is now going to launch a legal bid to gain custoday of his daughters that he has with Kerry. “He is talking to his fiancĂ©e Delta Goodrem and is also consulting his lawyers to see what arrangement they can come to about his kids,” the source claims. “He no longer wants them to stay with Kerry. He no longer feels that they are safe with her.”

We feel sorry for her, and hope that she gets the help she needs.

Kerry Katona leaves her home in Wilmslow