I STILL Love My Wena!

For those of you who haven’t seen me ranting and raving about how much I love My Wena (not like that, I’m not Lady Gaga you know!), the track is the latest single to be released by legends Bowling For Soup ahead of their UK tour.

The video is hilarious, but not really something The Box would play so I had wondered what they were going use instead. The main video may be wet-your-pants funny, but the “clean” version is adorable and heart melting – who’d have thought that possible when it accompanies lyrics like “Take a look at my wena”?

Check out the “clean” version here…


….and the wonderfully hilarious “dirty” version here.


BFS will be heading our way for their UK Party In Your Pants tour very soon but in the meantime, get a glimpse of the band readying themselves for tour in the US in Jaret’s video blog.

Don’t forget My Wena is released on the 28th September and their album Sorry For Partyin’ is released on the 12th October.