Scream If You Know The Answer

It seems like there’s a celebrity reality TV show for just about everything these days – cooking, dancing, skating, joining the circus, becoming a flight steward/stewardess, training dogs, living in the jungle, hairdressing, farming, cleaning windows… OK, we made that last one up, but the rest are all real. What will they think of next?

Why, celebrities riding roller coasters while completing tasks of course!

Loaded LAFTAS with Nivea for Men 2007 - ArrivalsKatie Price signing copies of new romantic novel at WH Smiths, Bristol, UK

Scream If You Know The Answer, Filmed at Thorpe Park and hosted by Duncan-from-Blue, will be on for 10 weeks and see the celebrities involved team up with contestants competing for a prize of up to £5,000.

Challenges will include a word association task while riding an extreme rollercoaster, using sponges to collect as much water as possible while riding log flume Tidal Wave and attempting to sketch while hurtling along on a speedy ride.

So ‘who are the celebrities?’ we hear you cry! Only Katie “Jordan” Price, Phil Tufnell, Heather Mills and… Matt Willis!

Phil Tufnell PhotocallHeather Mills leaves 'This Morning' TV Studios after a cooking demo - London

Filming starts at the Surrey theme park today, and the show is due to premiere on UKTV’s paid-for entertainment channel Watch early next year.
UKTV’s Lisa Perrin said: “We can watch the celebrities and contestants being pushed and pulled here, there and everywhere by huge G-forces. With full access to legendary rides this is going to be Britain’s most extreme game show ever.”

Watch this space!