Take That SuBo…

Robbie Williams arriving at the Palace Theatre in ManchesterOh yes Take That fans time to wet yourselves with excitement Robbie Williams is reportedly going to join Take That on stage!

The star has apparently been invited to sing his new single, Bodies, at Gary’s charity event which is taking place in London’s Royal Albert Hall next month, and with all the other Take That members in the building, rumours of a one-off reunion have been sparked.

And what does Mr Williams have to say for himself? Robbie has been quoted saying “Yes something is definitely going to happen – me and Gary have been hanging out a lot lately, talking things over.” ooooooooh exciting stuff!

**UK PAPERS OUT** Susan Boyle heads away from her luxury Edinburgh hotel to head to Newcastle for the next leg of the Britains Got Talent tourIn other news it’s Robbie V SuBo for the race to top the American Christmas charts! There can only be one winner and we can see things really hotting up as the festive season approaches.
Unfortunately they seem to love SuBo over there and we all know our Robbie has never truly been able to ‘break’ the US Market.

Industry insiders aren’t holding much hope for a Williams victory saying ‘I am amazed they have elected to go up against this.’ ‘No contest, it is Susan Boyle.’ ERGH! If they love her so much maybe they can keep her?

Ladbrokes have given odds of 2-5 on Boyle’s album making the Christmas No 1 in Britain compared to Robbie at 20-1. With the above mentioned reunion we have to wonder what else our Mr Williams might pull out of his sleeve, how about a reenactment of the ‘Do what you like’ video? That should do it!