Calvin Harris… “too dancey?”

The giant dance man has once again taken to Twitter to get out his anger and rant a little. Only a little while ago, he wrote, “Fu*k GMTV!” which obvioulsy led to people curious as to why he would say this. As we carried on reading his Tweets, we understood why…

“GMTV won’t let me on their exceptionally dull programme to do Flashback because i’m ‘too dancey’! IT’D WAKE YOUR VIEWERS UP. FU*K GMTV”

“A lot of people saying ‘why would you want to go on GMTV? – PROMOTION – People need to know you have a record out!”

“Anyway fu*k em, they can give all these X Factor people EVEN MORE TV time, why not, you boring non-risk taking beige death hole DEATH DEATH “

“Look out @GMTV i’m breaking in tomorrow – i’ll be the guy wearing the FLASHBACK T-shirt, setting fire to BEN SHEPHERD’S TIE AND HAIR”

That last tweet was about 10 minutes ago…. so watch this space! Personally, we think he’s right. GMTV viewers need waking up in the morning. Get Calvin on your show!

Head over to Calvin’s Twitter to keep count on what’s going on.