Drinking binge is blamed for Gately’s death

According to The Sun today, Stephen Gately had gone on a 8 hour drinking binge, before he passed away. The reports out this morning say that he was “totally trashed” during a night out at a gay club in Majorca with his partner Andy Cowles.

They were spotted downing a lot of cocktails and white wine before heading back to their £1 million appartment, where they supposedly carried on drinking. Andy then went off to bed a few hours later, leaving Stephen on the sofa. The next morning, Andy discovered his partner leaning forward with his head in a pillow and so frantically tried to revive him. Police believe that Gately had choked on his own vomit.

All of Stephen’s family and friends flocked to Spain last night. Louis Walsh cancelled his X Factor appearance and headed out there. Simon Cowell told viewers, “This is really, really tragic news. I want to send out my condolences”.

Our thoughts go out to his family and close friends at this time.