TMI Natalie Cassidy

Our TMI award of the day goes to Natalie Cassidy who reckons her training for Strictly Come Dancing is paying off in the bedroom, admitting the sexy dance moves make her frisky.

‘Dancing definitely improves your sex life,’ she says. ‘I’m very excitable at the moment.’

Natalie who lives with boyfriend Adam Cottrell, is partnered with dancer Vincent Simone.

‘When I told [Adam] I was going on Strictly the first thing he said was, “I hope they give you a gay dancer. I don’t want you dancing with that Vincent”. And then we found out I was with him.’

‘I don’t fancy Vincent,’ she tells the News Of The World. ‘He’s good looking but too little for me.’

‘I made sure Adam met him and they hit it off straight away.’

Natalie Cassidy arrives at a London gym to continue her training for Strictly Come Dancing