What an interesting X Factor!

We were rather looking forward to last night’s show. Not just because Cheryl Cole was performing her solo song, or because we wanted another chance to laugh at Jon and Edward, but because of Whitney Houston’s comeback performance.

However, despite the excitement, it seems as if there were many mixed reviews about it. For a start, we thought that Cheryl looked amazing in her soldier outfit and did very well. It takes a brave lady to get up from behind that desk to the stage and she had all of Girls Aloud (minus Nadine) and her husband Ashley Cole to support her.

We wish we could be so enthusiastic for Whitney’s performance however. During her set, she had a slight wardrobe malfunction and although she seemed bright, it was evident it had annoyed her. This, along with the fact that she seemed fairly out of it, all added to the slightly odd performance. She was on top form however, and sang beautifullly, it’s just she seemed a bit dazed. There were a lot of confused people on Twitter, asking what the hell was going on with her! Have a look at it yourself… and see what you think…


After the same thing was said about Robbie Williams last week, we’re starting to think that the show are giving them something in the green room!!

As well as this Jon and Edward are STILL in the competition! Rikki however was voted out in the end, and we’re sad to see him go. We’re not sad to see the eyebrow go… but it’s disappointing that this talent has left the show.

Oh well at least we have the twins to keep us entertained for yet another week!