Danny Jones & Georgia Horsley… we told you so!

Official Miss England Bikini 2008 - PhotocallThese tabloids aren’t very quick off the mark are they?

10 days after we told you about McFly’s Danny Jones dating Georgia Horsley (another Miss England) the tabloids and showbiz websites have finally caught on. Well done them.

The Daily Mail have reported on the story today, saying that ‘sources have revealed a ‘mystery blonde’ seen on Danny’s arm recently is none other than Georgia Horsley, the winner of Miss England 2007.’ Hmm, mystery blonde, it all sounds so familiar to us.

Shortly after we posted that, Danny’s ex-girlfriend Olivia Shaw confirmed it on Twitter.

We’d even stumbled upon a photograph of Danny and Georgia together.

The Mirror have also reported today that Danny Jones has dumped Miss England 2008 for an older model… Miss England 2007.

Danny ditched his long-term girlfriend Olivia Shaw for Miss England 2008 Laura Coleman, who he met at the Miss World finals in South Africa. Now Laura is out of the picture, and Miss England 2007 Georgia Horsley is his latest blonde. Interestingly they all look rather similar – Danny definitely has a type.

“Laura really cared about Danny and it’s particularly hurtful that he’s run off with Georgia,” a friend said last night.

Danny apparently swapped one Miss for the other at this year’s Miss London.

The contest was co-hosted by former winners Georgia and Laura.

Miss England: On The Pull! - Photocall

“You could see that Danny and Georgia were going to get together,” the friend said. “All the chemistry was there.” And after Georgia ditched her then boyfriend, Danny left Laura.

A Miss England spokeswoman confirmed that Georgia was now with Danny. “They make a great couple and we wish them all the best.

“Laura knows about the relationship and she is is still friends with Georgia.”

Maybe the blondes he has previously ditched could start a support group?

Of course, we’d never say we told you so…

Update: Confirmation straight from the “Horsley’s” mouth! – Georgia Horsley confirms that she and Danny Jones are an item