Danny Jones and Georgia Horsley

Official Miss England Bikini 2008 - Photocall

After being seen with a ‘secret blonde girl’ several times, we think we may know who it is! McFly’s Danny really seems to be into ‘Misses‘, because after dating Miss England 2008 Laura Coleman, he apparently has now made his way to Georgia Horsley, who won the Miss England title in 2007.

Fun fact; Laura and Georgia have presented one or more events together, one of which Danny came to watch and support his then-still-girlfriend Laura. The Daily Star wrote a piece about this when Laura and Danny were rumoured to have broken up, but then secretly got back together… Giovanna Falcone (Tom Fletcher’s girlfriend red.) confirmed on twitter that this article was false, so now we wonder… was Danny there to cheer on Laura… or Georgia? The Daily Star even wrote ‘He had turned up to support her and he was really proud of the way she ran the show with co-host Georgia Horsley, the previous Miss England.’

We don’t know about you… but we think she looks a lot like previous girlfriend Olivia Shaw… so, this might be Danny’s perfect match right? A little bit of Olivia, melted together with a little bit of Laura. Could this be any more cliché?

Update: Danny Jones’ ex confirms the Georgia Horsley rumours?