Just My McFly?

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Rumours involving McFly have been flying around a lot lately!

Not too long ago, it was some what ‘announced’ that McFly might end up with their own reality show. Now we’ve got some news that links up to that rumour perfectly!

The chain FOX, yes that massive American company, is apparently very interested in McFly and rumour goes that Fox is planning on working with the band in 2010. Some say it involves a reality show, others says it’s all about a McFly film…

The tweets that McFly have been sending out about all their ‘secret projects’ would make you think that this might be one of them. Especially when Danny Jones sent out a tweet yesterday, saying: ‘Had a very interesting day.. Up very early to do something for tv but can’t say what it is just yet!!’ Hmmm…

It’s not that long since we received a tip off from a friend of a friend, stating that McFly were set to star in an America Or Busted style reality TV show. Click here to read that story.

We don’t know what we’d prefer, a McFly film, a documentary, a series or a reality show but to see all four on our TV screen more frequently wouldn’t do us any harm!