New Camilla news!

It seems as if Camilla didn’t leave… she was pulled out! And Twitter (God bless it), just gave it all away…

Her boyfriend, fitty Kevin Sacre told his followers:
“Can’t say a lot people, But I can say she was pulled, She didn’t walk .. And remember they’ve actually been in there since Fri night our time.”

Then shortly after this, Kevin’s co-star, Holly Jay-Bowes (who playes Michaela), put her foot it in by replying:  
“Oh my god! She’s pregnant??xx. Then added, ‚Äúcongratulations babe! Xxx mwa xx explains why your not in work x lol x” She then continued: “Morning sickness. She just called she says switch your phone on! awwwe poor cam! She’s stuck with @kevin_sacre forever! Haha x”

Aww how cute!