Olly’s always got his hands down his pants

Puppy Love! Olly Murs laughs with fans outside the X Factor house, LondonJamie Archer has jokingly revealed to Now magazine that Olly Murs always has his hands down his pants.

‘He’s always got his hands down his pants,’ Jamie said.

‘He doesn’t realise he’s doing it. He’ll be talking to you and you go, “Dude, take your hands out of your pants!” And he goes, “Sorry mate.”‘

Jamie has also told how Olly made himself at home right away at the contestants’ house.

‘He would walk around in just his pants,’ he adds. ‘He said it’s because he used to play football and they would walk around the dressing room [in their pants]…

‘Everyone [in the house] would be like, “Oh come on, Olly, put it away.”‘