Ooo Hollyoaks dark storyline is coming!

We thought that Niall telling the McQueens that he was related to them, and then trying to blow them up in the middle of the church was bad. Or when Niall appeared in Scotland and tracked down Steph and then tried to kill her was pretty amazing. This time Hollyoaks have stepped it up a notch!

If you don’t want to know what happens, look away now! Soon we will be introduced to a new character called Chrissy, who tracks down her former childhood friend Loretta. It turns out that Chrissy – who uses her former name Joanna – and Loretta killed a child when they were 12. Now Chrissy is back, and she wants to mess with her old friend.

A source from the show said, “We appreciate the episodes deal with a sensitive subject, but it has all been thoroughly researched. The drama is about how Loretta reacts to Chrissy’s arrival back in her life.”

We’re glad Loretta is getting a meaty storyline! Although what will happen with Jake? This explains why she keeps telling him people need second chances. All of this drama airs around Christmas time. We can’t wait!!