Pattinson galore!

We have so much Robert Pattinson news, that we’re absolutely bursting! First off, we heard that he was busy talking to Vanity Fair about his true relationship with co-star Kristen Stewart. He said, “We’re good friends! I think she’s the best young actress around.” Then when he was asked about the pair being a secret couple, Rob laughed, “I’ve been literally across the country [from Kristen] and it’s like, ‘Oh, they’re on secret dates!’ It’s like, ‘Where? I can’t even get out of my hotel room’.” However he did admit that the two are close, but just because she is the only person going through the same stuff as him. “She’s influenced how I’ve done all the Twilight stuff. It’s quite nice to have someone who is genuinely indifferent to the whole spectacle of everything.” Hmm, we believe you Pattinson!

Rob then goes on to talk about his sex-symbol status, which he obviously finds quite embarrassing. He says he looks like “a blob” or a “cartoon character”. also goes on to laugh at his sex-symbol status, which he clearly finds embarrassing, saying he looks like “a blob” or a “cartoon character”. Well we certainly think you don’t look like either of those!

As well as this, we have some very exciting news about an exclusive New Moon party happening next week in London. E1 Entertainment announced today that exclusive tickets to The Twilight Saga: New Moon UK Fan Party are now available, but you have to enter a special ballot. Then if you are lucky, you get to have a chance to put your question to Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner or… wait for it… Robert Pattinson himself! Ah, we’re too excited!

This is all happening over at Battersea Evolution, Battersea Park next Wednesday (11 November) from 4.30pm until 10pm, so quickly go and register now…

To register for tickets (two per person), go to

Good luck!