Taylor Lautner loves Jacob and Bella’s relationship

New Moon's Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner Attend Regal Benefit screeningTwilight star Taylor Lautner has said that he understands the tension between the characters love triangle.

Taylor told Rolling Stone: “The thing is, Jacob and Edward are two completely different guys. They are opposites. And it’s just what kind of girl you are.

“If you like that more mysterious, dangerous type, then that’s one guy. I personally love Jacob and Bella’s relationship, and how they began as friends.

“They are so much more open, and can tell each other anything. And Bella and Edward’s relationship, it’s always tense. It’s always serious… She gets confused.”

Taylor added: “He can’t really control himself. When he gets mad, he gets mad. And all Jacob has on his mind is on Bella.

“That’s who he cares for. That’s who he loves. If somebody gets in his way, it’s not good. And he will explode.”

Edward or Jacob? It’s a tough decision to make. We only wish it was our decision to make…