They tried to make her watch X Factor…

The Q Awards 2006… but she said no, no, no.

Amy Winehouse is apparently boycotting X Factor.

Her dad Mitch has said that Amy will never watch the show again – after Lucie got the boot instead of Jedward.

Mitch told online channel Liv that he and Amy weren’t happy with Simon Cowell for saving the twins from the axe.

He said: “What did Simon think he was doing? There’ll be murders over this.

“I think these kids are being exploited. The Jedward fiasco was just beyond belief.”

“She said she wasn’t going to watch anymore; what’s she going to do?

“So I sent her upstairs, she tidied her room. We were sitting down eating our curry. We couldn’t eat we were so upset.”

You could always watch Strictly Come Dancing Mitch?