Did Gino D’Acampo cheat?

The Sunday People have reported today that viewers of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here are furious – after Gino D’Acampo confessed he cheated to win.

Gino has told how he broke the rules by smuggling salt, sugar, tea bags and coffee into the jungle camp.

An insider on the ITV1 show said they received a stream of complaints that Gino used his smuggled supplies unfairly to make him popular in the camp.

Gino con-fessed on ITV2 early yesterday: “My luxury was a pillow, which is very stuffable. So I stuffed it with a lot of salt, sugar, four different teas, ten sachets of coffee.

“I had it in my shoes as well. I thought, ‘If the security guys catch the stuff in the pillow, I still have the stuff in the shoes.

“I never used a single salt sachet for myself. I used to pass it to Stuart Manning and he put it in the food.

“It was funny. Everybody said, ‘This tastes like it’s got salt in it’. I would say, ‘Well, when you caramelize potato the natural sugar and salt comes out of it’.”

The ITV source said: “Viewers who voted throughout the show are furious. They’re disappointed in Gino. They feel he wasn’t honest. They feel duped.”

Poor Gino! He may have broken the rules, but we don’t think that is the reason he won.