Fame is Lost on Evangeline Lilly

 Evangeline Lilly signs autographs outside the Late Night with Conan O'Brien show in New YorkLost actress Evangeline Lilly has told how she isn’t really interested in fame and how acting wasn’t something she’d always wanted to do.

‘I stumbled into this job on a whim,’ says Evangeline.

‘It was completely by accident because I’m an intensely private person. I’m much too private to deal with being a public figure. That’s not attractive to me.’

Evangeline believes this may have something to do with the way she was raised.

‘In my home, we didn’t watch TV, we didn’t watch movies and we didn’t have magazines with celebrities on the cover,’ she admits.

‘All I wanted to be was a missionary… I had prepared to give myself over to poverty for the rest of my life and that was my goal. I’m not interested in fame.’

Earlier this year Evangeline spoke of her plans to take a break from acting once she has finished filming Lost so she can finally fulfil her lifelong dream of becoming a charity worker and writer.