The ‘McFly curse’ strikes once again!

Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards UK 2008
So you’ve probably heard of the ‘curse’ that seems to be upon the poor bands who support McFly on tour. The McFly boys themselves are aware of it too and have spoken about this ‘curse’ in interviews.

The ‘curse’ seems to be that once a band has supported McFly on tour, months or even years later the band seems to unfortunately and strangely split up.

From the beginning days of V and The Click Five to most recently Reemer and Go:Audio, it seems the curse is currently unbreakable!

Today Saving Aimee announced that they are taking a break from the band for a while and stated on their Myspace blog;

‘…there is only so much you can do with a band before you hit the ceiling
and realise it’s not progressing and find you all want to go in different directions.
It hasn’t been an easy decision, but it is for the best interest of everyone involved within the band that we’ve decided to take a break and work out our next step.’

Out of the few remaining bands yet unstruck by this ‘McFly curse’ are Elliot Minor and Vagabond.

As McFly themselves say ‘Down Goes Another One’!