Miley Cyrus is still alive

Peaches Geldof enjoys a fruity night out at Bardot lounge with fellow socialite, Jonny MakeupMiley Cyrus is still alive – don’t believe everything you read on Twitter.

The rumours that the pop star had died started last night, just a couple of hours after Brittany Murphy’s tragic death was confirmed, when Peaches Geldof tweeted that she had received a text from “a friend in the industry” saying that Miley Cyrus had died, but no one knew yet.

The rumours were rubbished when a number of fans said that they’d just left London’s O2 Arena after seeing Miley live and alive. Miley’s brother Trace posted a picture of himself backstage and not looking like his sister had just died.

Peaches soon deleted the posts and issued an apology saying that she “didn’t want to cause distress.”

The tables were turned on Peaches when irritated tweeters decided to start a rumour that Peaches herself had died.

Never mess with Twitterers!