Rachel Adedeji does a Kanye West

Rachel Adedeji signs autographs for fans outside the Fountain Studios in London ahead of rehearsals for The X FactorWe all saw Rachel Adedeji on the X Factor final night, grabbing the microphone off Joe McElderry during his winners performance and shouting “I love you, I love you”.

Well Rachel has defended his actions, and insists that she wasn’t trying to pull a Kanye.

‘I wasn’t trying to steal his thunder,’ she says. ‘I was just so excited for him.

‘We are just so close but I wasn’t having a Kanye West moment.’

Despite the rumours that Rachel and Joe are planning to move in together, and that they may even be an item, Rachel insists otherwise.

‘There were no romances inside The X Factor house,’ she tells Metro.