X Factor Singles 2004-2009

X Factor Winner Shayne Ward Promotes New SingleAnother year, another X Factor winner’s single.

With several anti-X Factor campaigns this year (Rage Against The Machine, The Muppets, Journey, Tim Minchin), this may be the first year since Steve Brookstein (he was up against Band Aid 20, come on) that the X Factor winner hasn’t bagged the Christmas number one spot.

This year the X Factor winner Joe McElderry is releasing The Climb – previously released by Miley Cyrus.
To celebrate Amazon are selling all the winners singles for only 29p each.

So here’s what we think of the previous singles. We’re rating the singers on how much we personally liked them, and the songs in terms of how much we liked them as X Factor singles.
Steve Brookstein – Against All Odds
The very first X Factor winner Steve released a cover of Phil Collins – Against All Odds, and only missed out on a Christmas number one because of Band Aid 20’s Do They Know It’s Christmas. However, he did reach the number one spot in January.
Steve has always come across as a really nice guy, it’s a shame you don’t hear much of him these days.
Singer: 4/5
Song: 4/5
Christmas Chart Position: 2
Shayne Ward – That’s My Goal
We loved Shayne, and we loved the song he released – That’s My Goal. In fact, it’s our favourite X Factor track of all time.
Shayne won the show in 2005, and we were excited to meet him at Party In The Park the following year. Unfortunately we had to witness the group of poor little girls who he made cry by totally ignoring them, at that point we fell out of love with Shayne.
Singer: 5/5 (if you asked us in ’05)
Song: 5/5
Christmas Chart Position: 1
Leona Lewis – A Moment Like This
Leona was the first female to win the show, releasing A Moment Like This. The song was OK, but not our favourite. If we love Leona for one thing, it’s rescuing a rabbit and then letting Steve Rushton rabbit-sit for her.
Singer: 3/5
Song: 2/5

Christmas Chart Position: 1

Aww, cute little Leon Jackson. He may not have been as hot hot hot as Shayne, but we adored him just as much.
When You Believe was a great track, and we even liked some of his follow up music. Great voice, nice guy.
Singer: 5/5
Song: 4/5

Christmas Chart Position: 1

Alexanda Burke – Hallelujah
We liked Alexandra and wanted her to win, but we weren’t keen on Hallelujah as the song she released. We weren’t the only ones, fans of Jeff Buckley’s version tried to get the track to number one instead of the X Factor cover, but failed. It did reach number 2 though.
We love her voice, and thankfully here second single Bad Boys was incredible. Let’s hope she keeps the diva-like behaviour under raps though.
Singer: 4/5
Song: 2/5

Christmas Chart Position: 1

Joe McElderry – The Climb
The current X Factor winner Joe McElderry was our second favourite this year (after the wonderful Olly Murs, boo-hoo). As much as we love Joe, we hate that damn Miley Cyrus song The Climb. If we overlook that fact, Joe is such a nice guy (a source backstage told us he was the ONLY contestant this year who didn’t show any diva-like tendencies), and he has a great voice.
Singer: 4/5
Song: 1/5

Christmas Chart Position: TBA

Which single did you like best?

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