Danny Jones wants to make opera ‘cooler’

Martini World Premiere Party: The Boat That Rocked - ArrivalsPopstar to Opera Star Danny Jones wants to make opera ‘cooler’.

The McFly boy told BBC Newsbeat ‘I want to make it appeal to my fans and bring these old sort of characters into the modern world – and make it a bit cooler, without trying too hard though.’

Danny also said of the show ‘It’s a massive challenge. Not only is it a different style of singing, it’s a different genre. It’s totally out of my comfort zone. I’m going to be on my own with an orchestra. Not only that but it’s going to be live on ITV at 9 O’clock, so no pressure.’

Not to worry Danny, you’ve got a lot of people’s support.

His biggest fan is McFly’s very own Tom Fletcher.

‘Tom is obviously getting everyone to vote for me and I’ve got his support. He tweets more than me about it’ Danny said.

Roll on Friday!