Frankie Sandford complains about fame

A solo Frankie Sandford exits the Mahiki club in central LondonOh boo-hoo Frankie Sandford, your life is so hard.

The Saturdays singer is jealous of her friends that have more free time than her, and we’re sure her friends with more free time are jealous of her job/bank balance/boyfriend/apperences on The Alan Titchmarsh Show etc.

She said: ‘I miss being able to plan ahead and be spontaneous.’

‘I’ve got friends at uni and two of my friends have just moved to Berlin. I’d like to be able to go and have a mad weekend in Germany or go and party at university. The chances of having a full weekend off are pretty slim.’

Hmm, we think we know what is taking up most of her time.

She told FHM magazine ‘Choosing the outfit takes the longest and I might have a tantrum if I can’t find anything.’