Katia Ivanova and Heidi Fleiss get the boot from Celebrity Big Brother

Celebrity Big Brother - First EvictionKatia Ivanova and Heidi Fleiss are the first two celebrities to be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Despite Katia’s last ditch attempt to save herself by reigniting her in-house romance with Jonas Altberg aka Basshunter (we’re just jealous), she was the first to leave.

The housemates didn’t know that a second celebrity would be evicted that night. It was between Heidi Fleiss and Lady Sovereign – and Heidi got the boot.

So how did Lady “don’t patronise me” Sovereign react to being saved? She shouted “pow pow”.

Housemates (especially Vinnie) were not impressed with her reaction, and so once again she is up for eviction on Monday against Nicola T.

We really hope Nicola stays!