Sex, Drugs & Arctic Roll – Michael Bublé is a bad boy

Michael Bublé isn’t as squeaky clean as we all thought according to his ex-girlfriend.

It has been reported in today’s News Of The World that Michael Bublé is a “vain, foul-mouthed braggart who craves sex, cannabis and cakes round the clock.”

In case we didn’t already think he was the perfect man, his ex girlfriend has confirmed it for us – we love a man who swears and eats loads of cake.

However, that’s not all he is a fan of.

Speaking exclusively to the News of the World, ex-model Tiffany Bromley said nice guy Bublé changed when he found fame and is now his own biggest fan.

She also revealed how he would smoke up to three cannabis joints a day, boasted about having the “perfect penis”, swore a lot and hid his behaviour from fans and pigged out on chocolate and cream cakes to satisfy his munchies.

Tiffany also told how Michael preferred top heavy girls, and allegedly told her she should get a boob job!

To read the whole article in it’s full dirty cakey glory, click here.