Is Alex Reid trying to cancel his marriage to Katie Price?

Celebrity Big Brother - FinalWas Alex Reid tricked into marrying Katie Price? According to the Daily Star he was…
It has been reported today that Alex Reid was tricked into marrying Katie Price in a bid to save her flagging career, and now he is in the process of trying to cancel their marriage.

According to the Daily Star ‘Last night it emerged that he might be able to get out of the marriage by claiming he was too “stupid and drunk” to know what was going on.’

His advisers are apparently searching for a legal loophole to annul their quickie Las Vegas wedding – because British law states that both the bride and groom have to be fully aware of what they are doing if the ceremony is to be declared valid.

A spokesman for Kate, 31, confirmed that she had planned the Vegas trip while he was in the Big Brother house and he was unaware of her intentions.

She added: “Alex and Kate had always intended to get married but the Vegas trip was spontaneous and Alex didn’t know about it.”

One of Alex’s pals said last night: “He knew they were going on holiday after Big Brother but he had no idea this was the plan. Kate is trying to claim that they planned it together before he went into the house but that is rubbish.”

“Alex would never have chosen a Vegas wedding and we honestly don’t think he knew about it. He can be very naive and stupid. I wasn’t at the ceremony, but I am told he had a few beforehand, which could have clouded his thoughts. He is a real family guy and he would have loved to have his family there.”