JLS Condoms – Everybody in love, please put your hands up…

Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball - Day 1Everybody in love, please put your hands up… so that JLS (or Aston’s Mum) can give you one of their condoms.

JLS have told how they would love their own condom range – JLS (Just Love Safe).

Aston said: “I’d be really up for doing some kind of campaign about safe sex.”

Speaking to Heatworld, Aston also revealed that “It’s all about staying safe. My mum sends me down a stash and I dish them out to all the lads so none of us have to worry.”

“Some girls have condoms but we would never take them because you never know what may have been done to them. We don’t want to be trapped.” Aston went on to explain.

Hmm. We imagine if you knew the girls well enough (asked their names perhaps), you’d know who was trying to “trap” you.

Safe sex campaigns are always going to be a good thing, but maybe someone other than JLS should front them?