Vanessa White and her bra, they got issues…

Vanessa White suffers a wardrobe malfunction at the afterparty following the 2010 Brit AwardsWhat is it with The Saturdays and accidentally flashing their nipples?

First Frankie Sandford has issues with her bra, and now band mate Vanessa White is having trouble with her bra – or her lack of one at least.

When we heard someone had been flashing their private parts at the Brit Awards we were as surprised as you to find out that it was Vanessa White flashing her nips – we’d have guessed at Lady Gaga flashing some miscellaneous body part.

Vanessa wore the black dress without a bra, leaving nothing to the imagination.

If you want to see her nip-slip up in all it’s glory, then click here – this is a family site(!)

An embarrassed Vanessa posted to her Twitter today: “Ohh god I’ve seen pictures from last night today and I am MORTIFIED! I honestly didn’t realise how see through it was when I got dressed”

“I’m sorry if I offended anyone! No one wants to see that lolololol ouch!!”

“And the camera flash made it sooo see through!! Cringeeeee”

We’d probably wear a bra in future, love.