Wheatus add more albums to download scheme

Wouldn’t the world be a much cooler place if you could pay what you wanted for things?
Eff the price tag, I think I’ll pay this much…

Well that’s what the lovely people at Wheatus.com are giving you the opportunity to do.

The legendary Wheatus used the pay-what-you-like scheme when they released the Lightning EP, and it was such a success they have decided to include two other albums – they’re too good to you sometimes.

Now you can get your hands on Hand Over Your Loved Ones (Suck Fony) and TooSoonMonsoon for however much you see fit.

So what’s to stop you downloading them for free?

Well if you donate $5 of more, you get extra bonus tracks and if you donate $10 or more you get a physical copy (yes, a CD, remember those?).

The biggest incentive of course is that, this is Wheatus – they’re not going to blow your money on bitches and booze, the band will hopefully be heading over to the UK this summer for a tour, so all donations will help to make this happen and be greatly appreciated.

Click here for more info and check out the next issue of Flecking Records Magazine for an interview with Brendan.