Dancing On a Fix?

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Allegedly one of the contestants on ITV’s Dancing On Ice is claiming that the show is a fix and they all hate Hayley!

According to The People, the stars are angry that bookies favourite Hayley Tamaddon was apparently a stand-by skater two years ago and has had more time to practise.

The anonymous contestant reportedly said that Hayley, who got a perfect score only last week from the judges, has been skating since her teens. “She’s had two years knowing there was a high chance she was going on, so she has put the preparation in. The talk among some is that it is a fix.” Or could it be a serious case of sour grapes? Who knows.

However, a spokesperson for the show dismissed the claims, saying: “Hayley has never been a standby contestant. She told us she has never skated before.”

Dancing On Ice continues tonight at 7.10pm on ITV1.