Ew! Ke$ha pees in champagne bottles

US R&B sensation Ke$ha has a hair-raising time in London!In case TiK-ToK wasn’t proof enough that Ke$ha is like, such a badass, the singer has confirmed it by making a rather strange confession…

Ke$ha pees in champagne bottles.

She sings about ‘pissin’ in the Dom Perignon’ in her track super badass track Party At A Rich
Dude’s House – and it’s based on true events. Classy.

‘That one is about me and my friends getting bored in LA and crashing house parties,’ Kesha told Maxim. ‘Cruise, crash, destroy…then bail.’

‘Anyway, I think champagne is gross and kind of tastes like pee. So to show my disdain for it, I pee in the bottles.’