General Fiasco Review

General Fiasco took on the small venue of Glasgow King Tuts on Monday 15th March 2010 after we caught up with the band pre-show. The band managed to sell-out the venue and by the way the show went, they easily proved that they could take on a larger capacity venue.

One thing that is clearly evident about the band from the first song, is that they have a dedicated fan-base who are extremely enthusiastic about every song. The crowd know each song as soon as it is introduced and do not need the band’s encouragement to join in. The band also acknowledge this fact throughout and are very appreciative of their fans, thanking them after every song.

By the second song, ‘We Are The Foolish’, which indeed was one of the highlights, the venue explodes into a frenzy – showing that it was a good choice of song to get the crowd settled into the band’s set. By using this song second, this gave the band a chance to get used to the crowd, before powering into the single and rocking the venue up.

General Fiasco are a band that cannot be put down for their live performance. The band power through the set and one thing that can definitely be said about the band, is that they sound the exact same live as they do on their EP, yet they manage to bring the lyrics to life.

The vocals from Owen Strathern are also just as on EP and he is given the chance to fully showcase his vocal talent in the acoustic version of ‘Sinking Ships’. Strathern holds his stage presence fully alone, whilst easily showing talent throughout the song, particularly with a catchy chorus. The bands choice of songs for their set is cleverly planned to allow each band member to showcase their individual talents, giving drum solos and bass sections a leading part.

The band also give the crowd an insider of what to look out for on the album, giving the crowd a taster of things to come. If the live versions of these songs are anything to go by, the album will surely be a hit. This will rely on the band putting as much energy performing them as they do into the album tracks. Every song holds catchy lyrics and beats, highlighted by another two of the crowds favourites; ‘Does A Rebel Get By’ (which gets the best reception overall) and ‘Ever So Shy’.

The band themselves don’t have anything particularly different compared to similar bands, yet this seems a fact they are aware of and are trying to change, but only the future will tell if this succeeds. General Fiasco are exactly what you expect and if you love their EP, your sure to love them live.

General Fiasco’s album ‘Buildings’ is out Monday 22nd March 2010.