Girls Aloud getting rid of Nadine Coyle?

Girls Aloud may have promised that they would release a new album in 2010, but apparently Nadine isn’t up for it.

Last year when the girlband announced that they were taking a break from the band, they were very clear in letting everyone know that they were most definitely not splitting up.

Now the girls have signed a three-album deal with Polydor, and have promised a new album in 2010. Well, here we are, and we’re ready for it!

Kimberly, Nicola, Sarah and Cheryl can’t wait to start working in a few months, but there seems to be one missing… Nadine has let them know she’s not ready and wants to focus on her solo album.

A source revealed: “If Nadine refuses they could simply go ahead as the four of them. It’s not ideal and they would rather find a way to make it work – but she doesn’t seem interested in that.”

Oh dear…