Hot New Music Alert – Street Drum Corps

We are still in total awe of this band who we had the privilege of seeing live not so long ago.

The stage looked a tip, and we don’t mean in the messy sense, we mean an actual tip.  These guys play anything and everything. There were large metal cans on stage, trash cans, plastic bins…the list goes on! These guys bring a whole new meaning to what we all did as a kid (Playing with a wooden spoon on your Mums pan collection). This is raw talent that we were genuinely amazed to see!

They are currently on tour with 30 Seconds to Mars as their support act but with how well they did, it’s safe to say it will not be long till these guys are back on their own tour.

They are based in LA and you can check out their site here

Here is a video of their opening set in Manchester, and yep, those are plastic rubbish bins. Click here to watch it.

Due to the line up changing in the band and us being too amazing to handle a camera, here is another video where you can get a good look at the band members and their array of instruments!

Do we hear an, awesome?

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