Katie Price makes a fool of herself…

Now as shocked as you will be by this news…..she has actually caused herself further embarrassment yesterday when being interviewed on This Morning. She answered a question about her new hubby by answering “Me and Pete” before quickly correcting her mistake as she is in fact married (or maybe not given the registrar turned out to have no license) to Alex Reid, you know the one, he’s more orange than her, you can’t miss him.

This just further shows just how too soon it all is to be moving on as quick as she has.  Regardless of what ever happened to fuel the split, you can’t move on that quick and we actually feel a little bit sorry for her.  But then it went when she stated that she wants to keep her relationship with Alex more private and then went on to talk about their wedding plans and plans for having children.  She makes us so confused?!

Given that she obviously had him on her mind, she further went on to slate Pete by stating she was happy she was in a marriage “with someone you can actually be yourself with”.

Does anyone else’s head hurt?