Kids in Glass Houses feat. Frankie Sandford

Kids In Glass Houses announced in January that for their new album ‘Dirt‘, Frankie Sandford from girlgroup The Saturdays would be a guest vocalist on one of the record’s tracks.

We were kind of surprised when we heard this. It has been suggested by some that Frankie is the member of The Saturdays who is vocally the weakest – she would just be in the band ‘for her looks’.

The album ‘Dirt’ will be in stores 29 March, so make sure to get yourself a copy. For your own exclusive listen, you can go onto Kids in Glass Houses’ myspace page. Have a close listen to ‘Undercover Lover’, it’s quite a catchy tune! But to be honest, that could have been anyone, singing along in the background. But listen very closely (and we mean very closely) and you’ll actually recognise Frankie’s voice.