Lady-Lover Gaga

Photo by: KGC81/ 2010 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 3/1/10 Lady Gaga at the MAC Viva GLady Gaga talks about love and lesbianism…

She may not have time to find love, but she’s still a true romantic at heart.

‘Love is about danger, always. Love jumps off cliffs, love is irrational,’ she says. ‘It keeps you alive and it destroys you.

‘The search for love provides nourishment for the artistic soul. I’m afraid that as soon as you really find love, there won’t be anything left to write songs about.’

But is she looking for love with a man or another woman? When asked if she could fall in love with a woman, Gaga said: ‘Of course I could! There are no rules or limits when it comes to love,’ she says. ‘But I see love as separate from sex. And I happen to love male sexuality. Men have something I lack, but that I really value.’

Are you thinking what we’re thinking?